Sunday, November 1, 2009


On Saturday 31.October 2009 we went to visit a friend in Marysville almost twelve months to the day since our last visit. What a difference twelve months makes, after the devastating bush fires of Saturday 7 February 2009 we had know idea what to expect on our return. It was a surreal feeling driving through the black spur and into Marysville, burnt trees in all directions. It was an eerie feeling as we came closer to Marysville to smell smoke in the air from recent burn off's as people prepare for this summers fire season. There were so few home left in Marysville that survived the fires and so little has yet been rebuilt. The loss of life in this once beautiful little country town surrounded by Forrest will never be forgotten. As the towns people try to rebuild their homes and their lives. I found it hard to believe that families were still living in temporary accommodation after nine months. Have they been forgotten because their plight is yesterdays news????
As we walked around what were the main streets of Marysville we could see mother nature at work giving back some of what she had taken away. The Oak trees had started to re-shoot and some had quite a bit of leaf cover on them. Trees in and around Marysville were starting to recover, this was a most heat lifting sight. Here are some photos in and around Marysville showing mother nature and the re-birth of the bush.

Photo 1 & 2 Forrest coming into Marysville. Photo 3 tree in full flower near the lake

Oak trees main street Lake view burnt hills in background Lake view

Hill views Trees recovering