Friday, December 18, 2009

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden
Recently little miss grand daughter (seven years) came to visit, as always she must check out her fairy garden to see she what has changed since her last visit. So out we went camera in my hand to see what the fairies had been up to while see had been gone. This is her favorite place in the garden and she will sit and play here as often as she can. After re-arranging some of the fairy ornaments, she asked if she could take some photos. So I handed over the digital camera after setting it up for her and here are the photos she took. It was wonderful to watch this little pro at work, getting up and down checking the angles to get the shot just right. Check out some of the pics she took, I was a very proud Nan.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Summer colour in the garden

There is always so much colour in the the garden over summer, this is a wonderful time of the year as the weather allows us to get out and enjoy our gardens. I love this time of the year the sights, sounds and smell of the garden can not be beaten.