Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Walk around my garden

This post is for my Uncle James in England, we talk often and when we do we always end up talking about our gardens. So I"ll post some photos and try and give you some idea what our garden looks like.
First there is the back yard or for the most part the vegetable garden, much time has been spent in the vegetable garden over past weeks. We have had a lot of rain and the plants have been growing so quickly that many need to be tired up so they don't get damaged on the windy days..
The Vegetable Patch

Now there is also the fernery, this is my favorite part of the garden, I spend many hours here. My little miss Milly also loves this part of the garden as she has her fairy garden here, I will include photos of her fairy garden taken at night with the lights on. One year for Christmas Doug made me a garden feature for this part of the garden. Doug did a wonderful job on this feature and it looks great in the garden covered in some of my potted plants and nick knacks.
In the photo above you can see that the tomato plants are as tall as the side fence which 2.1 metres high. We are growing them inside wire tomato cages to help give them support but Doug still needed to stake and tie them as well because of there size.

The Fernery

The Fairy Garden
The fairy garden was made in the fernery so that the delicate plants in it don't get burnt by our hot summer sun.
The Garden Feature
Doug made the garden feature for me as a Christmas present as you can tell from the photo it is very well used. This feature give the fernery a little added character.

We also have fruit in the back garden, berries and this year with the rain we are going to have lots of them to pick..

Yes even with the vegetable garden there is room for some flowers in the back garden as well, some like my Cala Lily and other bulbs I grow in pots. My herbs I grow in pots as well so that I can prevent them from getting out of hand and taking over and I can also move them depending on our weather conditions.

Now that was a look around my back garden I hope you enjoyed having a look Uncle James, so next time I'll show you around the front garden.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Petunia Colour

It has been some time since I've planted Petunias in the garden, but this year I had the opportunity to buy trays of them at a very cheap price. You have to love the staff sales at the nursery!! So mass planting of Petunias this years is giving quite a stunning effect, with splashes of colour every where. I was surprised at the variety that is now available in colour it almost seems endless. Single and double blooms, ruffled or smooth petals, striped, veined or solid colours.

So much to choose from
Petunias it would seem are one of the most popular annual bedding flowers and are excellent in hanging baskets, either alone or as a trailing plant in a mixed planting. They do better planted in large groupings, to make a splash of colour in your garden. But in containers petunias can be placed in strategic parts of the garden, to add color where you need it.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Worm Cafe, Worm Farm

The man of the house was recently given a worm farm for this Birthday and what a wonderful present it is too. They are good for the environment as they help cut landfill and greenhouse gases by taking care of your food scraps and garden waste. Worms are Mother Natures unique natural recyclers and produce the world's best fertiliser, which can be used on everything in your garden.

The worm farm took very little time to set up and is already producing worm tea after only a few weeks that is being used on the garden as soon as it is available.