Monday, November 25, 2013

Rainbow Lorikeets

These two love birds were checking out some new homes with a view to be coming trendy new age inner city dwellers.. We were parked directly under the tree they were inspecting and didn't they let me know I was invading their privacy.. It was quite a surprise to see this type of bird looking for somewhere to nest almost in the heart of the city of Melbourne... 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Melbourne's first Night Noodle Market

Melbourne's first Night Noodle Market being held in the Alexandra Gardens November 18-30 it's open weekdays from 5pm and weekends from 4pm admission is free.

We decided to go in Saturday night 23.11.2013 and have a look, we left home at 5pm and although busy around inner Melbourne we found a car park easily and caught a tram to  Alexandra Gardens. 
Well if the crowds were anything to go by the first night market will be a great success with food from countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, China, India, Philippines. However we found that the queues for the more better know eateries were very long stretching from one side of the area to the other, so the wait would have been an hour or longer to be served. We opted for Aangan Indian stall because the queue was a lot smaller, but I have to say the the food was excellent and we felt it was good value for money. Overall we enjoyed the experience..