Saturday, September 25, 2010

Children Gardeners

Letting Children Garden
I have three grand children and I love to encourage them into the garden, to play, plant, explore and learn. I try to inspire them with easy to grow plants as they are curious, like to learn and love to play in the dirt.. A camera is also a good way for them to explore the garden and record the progress of gardening projects. Recently master Celeb 12 came for a sleep over, it was a lovely day so we decided to spend some time in the garden. I have two old metal wheelbarrows that were in need of replanting so I gave this job to Caeleb. He took out the old soil and replaced it with some new soil and once he was happy it was nicely smoothed out the planting began. I had bought some pansy's ready for Celeb to go to work, if the dirt on his clothes at the end of our gardening were anything to go buy Caeleb enjoyed his time in the garden...