Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cape Schanck Lighthouse

Cape Schanck Lighthouse was the second coastal lighthouse build in Victoria in 1859. It is situated on the southern most tip of the Mornington Peninsula and sits 80 metres above the ocean on the cliff top overlooking the Bass Strait. It's tower was built from limestone and it stands just 21 metres high.
Cape Schanck Lightstation is now part of Parks Victoria and gives visitors the opportunity visit a maritime museum, join a guided tour of the working lighthouse, it boasts spectacular coastal bush walks with stunning ocean views and 4 self contained cottages that are available for overnight accommodation. We enjoyed our time at the cape and would recommend the walk along the coast.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Titum Arum Blooming at Royal Botanic Gardens

An unexpected bonus of being in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne on Christmas day was the chance to see one nature's amazing gifts, the rare blossoming of an Indonesian Corpse Flower also known as Amorphophallus titanum or Titum Arum. While wondering around the gardens we came to the tropical glasshouse and were surprised to see security guards standing outside the door. On entering the glasshouse we found out why, it was hard to miss the giant flower standing nearly two metres high of the Indonesian corpse flower almost in full bloom. The tuber for this one was sent down from Sydney seven years ago and this is the first time one has flowered at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Victoria. The Titan Arum’s flowering structure was growing about 10 centimetres (4 inches) a day to a height  which was nearly two metres tall. We were very lucky that at the time of our visit on Tuesday there were not too many other visitors so we were able to get some good photos and have a long look  without being hurried on. When news got out that the Arum was in full bloom hundreds of people stood in long queues for a brief view before being moved on. For me it was a once in a life time opportunity to see very unique and beautiful plant.