Friday, September 30, 2011

Orchid in the garden

It's Orchid time again and this year mine have rewarded me with many flower spikes most of which have opened within the last few days, they have made a such a stunning display.

Friday, September 23, 2011

George Tindale Memorial Gardens

Back in August we took a trip to the George Tindale Memorial Gardens at 33 Sherbrooke Rd Kallista. The garden is managed by Parks Victoria with the assistance of the friends of the gardens and from what we saw while there it is in need of a lot of work. There were areas that were quite over grown and the weeds seemed to taking over.. It was however still easy to see that a lot of time, effort and love by George and Ruth had gone into the design and creation of this garden. Under the canopy of Mountain Ash trees, we found Camilla, Rhododendron, Cyclamen, Hellebore, Plectranthus, Luclulia, Azalea, Snow drops, Daffodils, John-quills just to name a few.
We came across a Kookaburra while at the gardens it was not worried at all by our presence it sat and watched us taking it's photo and allowed us to get quite close.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tesselaar Tulip Festival

This year we decided to visit the Tesselaar Tulip Festival, it was a warm sunny day and we arrive just before the gates opened. We were lucky to takes some nice photo's of the Tulips before it became to crowded. The colour was amazing and well worth the trip to Monbulk, the Tulips were at their best. While there I purchased some bulbs for Calla Lilies and Asiatic Liliums (Vermeer), which were quickly planted as all were starting to shoot.