Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oakland Vintage Automobile

But what is an "Oakland" you may ask?? The Wikipedia  tells us that Oakland was a General Motors brand automobile manufactured in Pontiac, Michigan. In the GM product ladder, an Oakland was a more upscale alternative to a Pontiac, but it was positioned downmarket from Oldsmobile and Buick.
We found this old vintage Oakland retired but not forgotten taking pride of place out the front of a house in Malmsbury Central Victoria on a recent trip through that area. It's appeal to someone like me with a camera is obvious. Just had to stop and take some photo's.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Old Castlemaine Gaol

Castlemaine a local icon the 149 year old heritage-listed prison has been listed for sale. The Mount Alexander Shire has appointed Colliers International to market the property. I was sad to read that the Old Castlemaine Gaol ripe for development, and has been listed for sale. The gaol was built between 1856 and 1861 and was decommissioned in 1990. It was then sold by the Government to the City of Castlemaine. I feel it would be a shame to see this site sold into the hands of private developers. It seems such a grab for cash from the Local Shires in selling off the local historic sites, that if maintained and promoted would be a major draw card in the local tourism industry. I hope that Heritage Victoria will need to approve any redevelopment, lets see what the outcome of that will be??
 Castlemaine Gaol

 Guard Towers

Warders Quarters

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Autumn's End

Autumn is fast coming to an end and Winter is just around the corner!! The days are now shorter, the weather is colder, temperatures are much lower, fog and frosts are with us again.  A drive in the country shows the deciduous trees and the grape vines almost devoid of leaves in readiness for Winter...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fishing Boat

Just a simple little fishing boat, with a little splash of colour. I find myself loving the effect just a little bit of colour gave  this photo.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Melbourne Victoria

Rialto Building
 A visit into the city of Melbourne was a nice way to spend a couple of hours on an Autumn Sunday morning. I was surprised just how busy the city was on a Sunday morning, people out riding bikes, walking, jogging, rowing, wandering through the parks. All eateries open were busy, with their open area's near full. Sunday morning brunch, is what the city dwellers seem  do....
Here are a few photo's of  my view of the city.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Buddha's Day and Multicultural Festival Melbourne

Buddha's Day and Multicultural Festival in Federation Square today was a very popular event there were hundreds of people there to witness the ceremonies and festivities.
The Buddha's Day and Multicultural Festival promotes vesak in the spirit of cooperation, cultural diversity, community understanding and harmony. It was a very colourful affair. 

Graffiti Alley Melbourne

A trip into Melbourne today taking photo's and one place I have wanted to visit for a long time it's a real hidden gem in the heart of Melbourne, Graffiti Alley.  Graffiti Alley in Melbourne is found, across the street from the Federation Square on Hosier Lane, just down the street from the St Paul's Church. Although only part of the lane was open today due to building works, what we were able to see and photograph was amazing...