Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mt Cannibal

Mt Cannibal is a 53 hectare Flora and Fauna Reserve and is located on the Garfield North Road in the shire of Cardinia. The self-guided nature walk takes approximately 50 minutes to walk 2.2 kilometre loop track. It should be noted the the walk is very steep in some sections and may be difficult for some who visit the reserve. The views from the two lookout points are worth the walk around the reserve. Unfortunately the day yesterday when we did the walk was a very calm day and there was a lot of smoke in the air from recent burning off in the surrounding area. This did not make for good photo opportunity of the views from the lookouts but will include a couple.

While on a bush-walking visit to Mt Cannibal in West Gippsland today, we happened upon David and Paul Piko who were there gathering photos of Australian Greenhood Orchids which grow on the 53 hectare Nature Reserve. There most recent find is the Red Lipped Greenhood Orchid, which they were photographing when we met them.

David is a professional Photographer and both he and Paul are members of the Australian Orchid Society and are constantly in the field looking for specimens to take photos of. We had a browse as we walked but didn't see any other orchids until we met up again with David and Paul and were shown some of the resident Parson's Band Orchids (Eriochilus cucullatus).

Why not take a look at some of David's work with the orchids on Mt Cannibal and visit his web page.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Volunteers Ferns On The Wind

I'm not sure what it is about this pot it seems to be a breading pot for ferns, for the third time I have have had volunteer ferns sprout in it. It is situated at the far end of the ferny and is the furthermost pot from the ferns and has a chain of hearts growing in it. There appears to be at least five different fern types including maidenhair fern now growing in the pot this time. This pot is the only pot in the ferny that has a cover of moss also growing in it. About six months ago I emptied this pot washed all the old potting mix and moss off the chain of heart bulbs and re-potted the bulbs back into the same pot. Once sprouted I lift the ferns out and plant in the garden where they thrive. Go figure!!!!

What a bounty is little 10 inch pot yielded five different fern types and a total of 14 baby ferns. All now picked out and re-planted into separate pots.